Trick Daddy Defends Trina, Shuts Off Khia Song During Show: "Ain't Gettin' No Play Tonight"

While performing, Trick Daddy had a few choice words for Khia who has been targeting Trina for years.

For some, ignoring problematic people in their lives is the solution to ridding oneself of a potentially stressful situation, but no matter how much time has passed, Trina can’t seem to shake Khia. For decades, the beef between these rappers has been rolling on, despite Trina doing her best not to react to the vicious jabs from Khia, especially those pertaining to the death of Trina’s mother. 

It is clear that reconciliation isn’t on the table after Trina expressed months ago that sometimes, the disrespect goes too far, and in a clip recently shared on Twitter, Trick Daddy had a few words for Khia, himself.

It is unclear when this event occurred, but in the video, Trick was on stage in front of a packed crowd. A song was about to play but he cut it off because Khia’s verse was about to begin. 

“We not singing that ugly hoe verse. Nope, nope, nope,” Trick told the audience. “That h*e tried to get [unintelligible] and talk about Trina, oh hell no. That long titty ugly Trick Daddy looking as b*tch. That b*tch ain’t getting no play tonight.” He then said he would play Trina’s track and immediately moved into performing “Nann,” Trick and Trina’s 1998 classic hit.

This comes as no surprise to Trick Daddy‘s fans considering that he and Trina have been like siblings for decades. Check out the clip below.