Too $hort Issues Apology Following Colorism Backlash

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Too $hort apologizes for the comments that he made during a live stream with Saweetie.

Thanks to a resurfaced clip that has been circulating on the internet since this past weekend, Too $hort has been under fire for making some controversial comments in an interview with Saweetie, and many fans have deemed his statements to be colorist. In the video, the “Blow The Whistle” artist can be heard talking about the beauty of mixed-race babies and revealing that he has only fallen in love with mixed-race women throughout his life.

His comments were met with backlash, and in response, Too $hort has come forward to issue an apology.

Rapper Too Short poses for a photo during the music video shoot for the new single, "Rain Dance" at Angels Cabaret on December 05, 2020 in Anaheim, California.
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“I would like to apologize to anybody that’s offended by my work, the whole racial thing to me has never been a factor in my circles,” Short Dog said. “It hasn’t been like, because you want to race in somebody else’s another we don’t like you just because you didn’t raise we don’t like you because you look like that and because you speak like that.”

“And in the Bay, there are a lot of mixed cultures and, you know, mixed people. It was like that long before I got there,” he continued. “I’m not really into the whole hatred because you’re light, or you’re the best because you’re dark. I’m just not really into that, and I love my blackness. Beauty is in every economic class, every race, and you can go find ugly everywhere too.”

See the footage from Too $hort’s official apology below. 

Do you think Too $hort’s apology was genuine or should he have just refrained from speaking on the matter altogether?