Tommy Lee Joins OnlyFans, Makes Announcement During Show

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tommy Lee is ready to show off what he’s got.

Tommy Lee is no stranger to his explicit material making its way onto the internet. The Mötley Crüe drummer’s sex tape with Pamela Anderson back in 1995 was one of the first examples of viral internet pornography. In 2022, the episode was adapted in a Hulu miniseries called Pam & Tommy.

In August, Lee posted a picture of his penis onto Instagram for all the world to see. Lee later explained that he was “on a motherf**king bender,” and that “I got f**king sideways as f**k and got naked and posted pictures of my d**k.” Now, Lee has a plan to make his public nudity a bit more deliberate.

At a Mötley Crüe performance in Las Vegas on Friday (September 9), the drummer announced he would be starting an OnlyFans. According to Lee, he wasn’t happy that his penile portrait was taken down by IG. “I’ve gone over to a place where you can be free as f**k,” Tommy told the massive crowd. “So f**king suck it.”

Tommy then pulled down his pants and bent over, revealing “OnlyFans” written on each of his butt cheeks. He repeated the stunt for Instagram, posting a picture of his buttocks with a small flame emoji covering his anus. “You heard it here tonight,” he wrote under the post, including the link to his new OF profile. “Cum join me over there for fun that Instagram won’t let us have here!”

According to the metal drummer, he is planning on posting penis pictures and more to the account.