Sean Paul Denies Hooking Up With Beyoncé, Claims She Confronted Him About Rumors

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When asked if the hookup rumors were true, the singer reportedly laughed and said, “Nah! I wish I did! She’s beautiful.”

It was just a little over a year ago that Sean Paul sat down with us to clear up rumors that were circulating about his time collaborating with Beyoncé. The pair of hitmakers collided on their megahit “Baby Boy” and after making comments about Jay-Z during a radio interview, the outlet reportedly that Sean Paul said he and Beyoncé rarely performed the single together because Hov was jealous. Paul jumped to shut down the gossip and claimed his statements were misrepresented.

The controversy was brought up once again during the Jamaican singer’s chat with The Daily Beast and according to Paul, Beyoncé confronted him all those years ago when rumors that they hooked up were circulating.

Sean Paul, Beyonce, Baby Boy
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“It was huge. It was nine weeks at No. 1, all over MTV and BET, magazines, everywhere,” he told the outlet. “I had some people who were working with me for years and they were like ‘Boss—I’m now a fan of yours.’ I was like ‘Now?!’ But we had just three performances, and one was at Reggae Sumfest. At the time, we were both on the Rock the Mic Tour. This was 2003. She wasn’t on it every day, but she would come on certain dates and do the song [“Crazy in Love”] with Jay.”

When he took to the stage he noticed that although the crowd was “wild,” the energy was off. After the performance, his band told him that his mic had been cut off. The Daily Beast asked if he believed Jay-Z messed with the audio and Sean Paul said he didn’t think so.

Do you think these were Jay-Z’s machinations though? Because the rumor at the time was that Jay-Z personally got you cut from the VMAs.

I mean… he’s an icon. Even at that time, Roc-A-Wear was already worth $80 million. He was a very intuitive person, so he would have never been like, “I got to fight this like that.” You know?

Who do you think was doing it then?

That’s just how it is.

Just a coincidence that you were cut out of a bunch of performances and separated during the music video shoot?

It’s weird… maybe it had something to do with her management at the time, which we found out later has been a tumultuous relationship for the both of them.

So… you didn’t hook up with Beyoncé?

[Laughs] Nah! I wish I did! She’s beautiful.

The remarks have floated through social media platforms as Beyoncé’s fans question the power couple’s response to Paul’s latest. Watch the music video to “Baby Boy” below where Paul claimed they shot their scenes separately.