Rising Artist KatchUp Puts Haitian Culture On The Map With New Hit “Vini”

Not every Engineering Graduate releases music, but the talented DJ-producer KatchUp, of Haitian-American descent is one of these versatile souls. The Brookly-based DJ recently released a new single titled “Vini,” with his label TuGetta. Inspired by the success of AfroBeat, KatchUp decided to pay tribute to his Haitian origins and expose his culture to the masses. “Vini” is a mixture of Kompa, Reggaeton, Soca, and Pop. It is filled with exotic and intriguing elements making the audience addicted and wanting more of KatchUp’s magic. 

The artist found his inspiration for music while accompanying his DJ father in his hometown. At that very period, he also realized his talent for creating unique aesthetics with beats, and since then, he never gave up on DJing. Hopefully, we will get more of KatchUp’s music in the future. Meanwhile, “Vini” is a perfect choice for a memorable escape to the inviting, warm, and sensual world of KatchUp’s music.