Ren Claire Uncovers The Philosophy Behind Moving On In New Album

South Carolina-based artist, cellist, and singer Ren Claire came out with a fascinating new album called Refreshing. It is home to two beautiful tracks “Tight Rope” and “Refresh Me”, both themed around love. Boasting grandiose vocals, Ren Claire grounds the listener in her songs, making them relatable and meaningful.

Ren wrote her song “Persevere” fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement. This song is absolutely powerful and showcases Ren’s talent, inner strength, and the profound emotion behind the lyrics. Her music is a medley of pop-punk and alternative rock, inspiration for which is derived from such influential pop and rock figures as Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Nirvana, Daft Punk and Linkin Park.

A truly multi-talented person, Ren is a singer, songwriter as well as a cellist. She began playing in the 5th grade experimenting with other instruments but stuck with the cello as she loved  the low, smooth, romantic tones of the instrument. Her work is phenomenal so far and fans can’t wait to see more of Ren’s creations.

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