R&B Artists You Need To Stream In 2021

R&B was doing its part to keep us saints for the past few months, and we are so excited for all the upcoming projects scheduled to drop in 2021! A flurry of young stars exploded in R&B and caused such real damage with their releases that we still can’t get over.

This year, we have a new batch of artists who are on our radar as artists to watch for closely in 2021!

8/ Seekay

Throughout 2020, the Australian artist Seekay delivered a unique sound reflecting his vivid creativity paired with a surreal sensitivity to the world that surrounds him. His latest releases titled ‘Hold,’ ‘Fall’ and ‘Wiser’ give him a unique appeal in the world of urban music and lyrically mature kind of pop music. Watch out closely at this one!

7/ Eboney

On her latest single ‘Dreamers Blvd,’ Eboney proves she is a future of R&B and she is one to look after! Her irreplaceable vibe, and smooth flow are currently some of the best in the industry.

6/ BriGuel

The NYC couple BriGuel is hungrily working to tip the scale in their favor and become superstars sooner than later! Despite the pandemic, in 2020 they released a bunch of projects including a documentary movie and two EPs. 2021 can’t bring anything less than a big blowup.


This Texas born recording artist and producer is gaining his international recognition by consequently experimenting with R&B and mixes his beats with acoustics and layers them with auto tuned vocals. Can’t wait to see what she shows us in 2021!

4/ Gabriela

In 2020 Gabriela dropped her first two singles ‘Grow Up’ and ‘’Sun & Earth’ – a smooth fusion of pop and r&b. Gabriela sets the bar high by blending with utmost sophistication her gorgeous vocals with flawlessly produced r&b soundscapes.

3/ Lucy Lu

The London breed artist and producer Luke Bower shapes his music by mixing R&B, lofi and live music. His style is very easy to recognize, especially when it comes to his tender vocals and very poetic lyrics.

2/ Swsh

She got it all! Vibe, catchy beats, powerful voice and one of the smoothest flows we heard this year. Swsh single ‘How You Feel’ is the whole mood, that will blow your mind.

1/ Gabriel Garzón-Montano

Garzón-Montano got hyped after his performance in Colors Studio where he performed a bilingual magical medley of ‘Someone’, ‘Agüita’ and ‘Bloom,’ since then he was on a rise, and we believe 2021 will be his year!