PNB Rock's Brother PNB Meen Pens Heartbreaking Post: "I Can't Stop Crying… I'm Shaking"

Meen shared a photo of him and Rock as little kids and wrote a message detailing his grief.

Tributes continue to pour in for PNB Rock following the rapper’s tragic murder. There have been several debates regarding what led the rapper’s killer to his location that fateful day, but regardless of those discussions, there are loved ones who are attempting to reconcile this trauma. PNB Rock was reportedly enjoying a meal with his girlfriend at Roscoe’s Chicken ‘N Waffles in Los Angeles when he was assaulted during an attempted robbery. 

Some have used these first days to blame the rapper’s girlfriend for tagging a photo that showed their location, but as these talks are being had, PNB Rock’s loved ones are reeling from the devastation of loss.

Hours ago, Rock’s brother PNB Meen penned a heartwrenching message to Instagram about no longer having his best friend by his side. Meen included a childhood photo of the two brothers that spoke of more innocent times. 

“You was the only one who believed I can do what you Do,” he said. “I can’t stop crying bro why u ain’t have me with you I always have ya back an front an sides .. please Give me the strength to do this…. …With all my soul ima carry. Stand on Business, An get you right why u resting my brother. This my first message to you of many. I can’t believe this sh*t. I looked up to you “

“They took you out of all people. Why not me Man??? my life always been sh*t until you made It,” Meen added. “I can’t even write , I’m shaking my stomach tight, I can’t see I can’t eat I’m die’n slow bro . Noooooooo man no no no Rock I can’t believe im posting this bro . Please Rockkkk come back . Rock. Im lost but I’m active my word Rock I love you big brother with my whole entire Heart an soul.”

After stating that he would make sure PNB Rock’s daughters were taken care of, Meen concluded his message by writing, “I’m my brother’s keeper.” 

We continue to send our sincerest condolences to PNB Rock’s loved ones. Read through PNB Meen’s message in its entirety below.