OTF ARoy Shot & Killed On Chicago's O-Block, Murder Caught On Video

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

OTF ARoy was shot and killed on Chicago’s O-Block after allegedly getting into a fight.

OTF ARoy, a member of Lil Durk‘s Only The Family group, was reportedly shot and killed in Chicago’s O-Block on Monday (December 13). The rapper reportedly got into a fight and came out on the winning side of it, allegedly beating down his opponent. When he walked away, the man ARoy got into an altercation with got up and allegedly pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots, killing him.

A video of OTF ARoy’s murder surfaced online, showing the moment the rapper got up from the fight and started walking off. Not long after he took a few steps away, he turned back and noticed that the man had gotten back to his feet. Shortly after, ARoy was shot multiple times with screams being heard in the video.

According to VladTV, the video of the O-Block member’s murder was leaked by a woman, who was allegedly assaulted after leaving her apartment on Monday evening. A four-second video was released online, which apparently shows her getting jumped after the ARoy video was posted.

Other O-Block members have been reacting to the horrific incident, but we have yet to hear from Lil Durk, who has experienced so much loss in the last few years. OTF ARoy’s death comes following the shooting deaths of OTF NuNu, King Von, OTF DThang, and other rappers who were close to Durk.

Watch the video at the link below at your own risk, as it is extremely graphic. RIP ARoy.