Offset Shoves Cardi B Out Of The Way & Steals The Spotlight In Her TikTok

Cardi B is done doing TikToks with Offset after he hijacked her most recent video.

It looks like Cardi B and Offset are not about to be the latest couple to take over TikTok. These two are notorious for their nonstop shenanigans, and while they’re usually on the same page about their ten obscene antics, Set got a little too carried away this time. The famous lovebirds recently tried their hand at a joint TikTok video, and while it looks like Set had a blast, Cardi is less than impressed.

In the clip, Cardi, rocking some insane Chanel glasses, flaunts her stacks hunnids while Beatking’s “Then Leave” plays. Offset jumps in the frame and shoves her out the way, then proceeds to dance along to the lyrics which include “I’m just d*cking b*tches down.” Cardi tries to make a smooth recovery and hop back in frame, but Set starts pushing her head down, making it difficult to continue to video. While we’re sure it was all in good fun, Cardi captioned the post, “Nomore tiktok with set.”

Offset Shoves Cardi B Out Of The Way & Steals The Spotlight In Her TikTokTheo Wargo/Getty s for NYFW: The Shows

Cardi recently announced her return to TikTok after trying out the app on only one occasion back in 2018. To commemorate her return, Cardi participated in the “Marry Me” trend, in which she danced suggestively all over photos Offset while Rasheeda sings, “boy you know you wanna put a ring on my finger/put it on him, make him wanna marry me.” The video was in true Cardi and Offset fashion, even if Set didn’t actually participate.