Offset Explains Why Jay-Z Is The GOAT

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He’s impressed with not only Hov’s talents, but his ability to make hits and “impactful records.”

Those GOAT conversations in Hip Hop often result in a wide variety of choices as each music fan has their own tastes. However, many of these talks include Jay-Z, as his status in Rap is undefeated. The billionaire mogul has been hailed as one of the greatest for decades and that title is something that further solidifies with each new release.

As a newer generation of Hip Hop blossoms with new sounds and trends, Jay remains a respected figure lyrically and professionally, regardless of what era of the culture one may have grown up in. Offset spoke openly about Jay-Z’s continued influence.

Offset, DJ Khaled
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Offset recently caught up with Speedy Morman for Complex and in a clip shared online, he was asked to name his GOAT. “I gotta say Hov,” Offset answered. “All his sh*t is platinum.”

“So, you know like, sometimes the success is the reason why people say he’s the greatest of all time [for] what he did after Rap,” he continued. “Bro, on Rap, you can’t play with him!… You can’t play with him since the beginning of time. He always had the biggest records, he always got the biggest people and did the biggest records, and he still come back and make impactful records, right now.”

“If Jay do a verse right now, everybody wanna hear it to support [what] the man saying,” said Offset. “Twelve bars, ’cause it’s not a—then he so up but his flows be so relatable.”

It’s the type of legacy that rappers dream of. Check out the clip below and let us know if you agree with Offset.

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