"Officer Karen" Likes Her New Nickname: "I Find That Sh*t Funny"

“Officer Karen” speaks out after becoming a meme with her video crying about a McMuffin delay.

Stacy Talbert, better known to the masses as “Officer Karen” or “Molly McMuffin”, has ficially become a meme after bawling her eyes out and having a mental breakdown over a delay in receiving her Egg McMuffin sandwich from McDonald’s. At the end the now-viral video that she uploaded, she claims that she does not know how much more mistreatment she can take.

During a conversation with Buzzfeed News, Talbert spoke about how the video has been perceived by the public. She also addressed claims that she is unstable and should not be working as a police ficer. 

“I was hired by my sheriff’s fice to do a job, and they knew when they hired me that I was stable enough to do the job without an issue and I’ve been doing the job for 15 years,” she said. “It was exactly how every single ficer feels, and if they don’t feel compassion or emotion, if they don’t cry over anything, I promise you that is not the ficer that you want on the street.”

She went on to state that the McMuffin was not the issue. It was just the final straw that led to her breaking down. 

“It really had nothing to do with McDonald’s and the food. That was just what triggered it,” she added. “This feeling we feel in law enforcement constantly. You’re always looking, we’re arching our necks, to make sure everything is safe not just for you, but for everyone else. There are times I wish I could just be normal and not have to feel like that. Everyone completely lost the point except for law enforcement. We all feel that way except I voiced it.”

"Officer Karen" Likes Her New Nickname: "I Find That Sh*t Funny"
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Finally, she spoke about what it feels like to be a meme. In fact, she surprisingly claimed that she finds her new nicknames to be quite humorous. 

“I’m not bitching. I think that shit’s funny,” said Talbert. “‘Cop Karen’ — whoever did that, that’s funny. ‘Molly McMuffin,’ someone called me. That’s funny! I’d make money if I was that funny.”