"Naked And Afraid" Contestant Melanie Rauscher Died From Huffing Compressed Air


Rauscher’s death was ruled accidental.

On July 17, Melanie Rauscher was found dead in Prescott, AZ. The 35-year-old was a contestant on the reality show Naked and Afraid as well as its spinoff show XL. Now, the cause of her tragic death has been revealed.

According to her autopsy report obtained by TMZ, Rauscher died from inhaling a lethal dose of compressed air, which is often found in cleaning products. The report also ruled that her death was accidental.

Rauscher’s body was found near cans of dust cleaner, and the Yavapai County Medical Examiner claimed that the reality star had inhaled the fumes from the cans. This inhalation is referred to as “huffing,” and is a way to get high without having to purchase illicit drugs. Rauscher’s official cause of death was ruled as difluoroethane toxicity.

Rauscher had been dog sitting for a family in Arizona when she died. The owners found her dead in their guest room when they returned home. The dog survived.

Rauscher was remembered by many friends and fans, including her castmate on the show, Jeremy McCaa. “She came into my life in a way I can’t explain. We had such a chemistry on the show and it blossomed into a friendship that goes beyond words could describe,” the Naked and Afraid contestant wrote. “Her laughter was one of a kind. Her friendship was amazing. Even tho we wasn’t blood, we was family. I could always count on her. We had so many moments when we would just be there for each other.”