Masika Kalysha Confirms Engagement To Mystery Man

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Masika Kalysha confirms her engagement after speculation over her ring.

Ms. Kalysha is very aware of the hints she reveals on her socials, looking to stay in the headlines. Over the holidays, Masika shared an intimate video with a mystery man on her Instagram stories, zooming in and out of the rock on her finger. 

From the looks of it, Masika was recording the video with no sounds but the snickers from her giggles. Surely, she knew she’d soon take to Twitter to explain her sudden proposal, as she’s shared most of her life with us on L&HH. Especially when she comments on everyone else’s lives, asking Ray J if he regrets sleeping with Hazel-E, and rooting for Yaya Mayweather having a child with NBA Youngboy

In regard to her relationship, she begins to address her fans stating, “Met my fiancé 10 years ago. Curved him for 97% of those 10 years. Been dating for 4 months. He asked me to marry him 4 days ago.”

In the following tweet, Masika points to the fact that she was shocked at the idea of any man wanting to spend the rest of his life with just one woman, but that her man assured her that he was ready. 

Hopefully, Masika and her long-time lover can keep rocking with one another.