Lil Nas X Breaks Down The Making Of His "Industry Baby" Music Video

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Lil Nas X goes behind the scenes of his “Industry Baby” music video.

Lil Nas X and director Christian Breslauer revealed several details about the making of Nas’ “Industry Baby” music video, featuring Jack Harlow, in a new behind-the-scenes video. 

For starters, the video explains that the Grammys seen in the opening prison cell scene are Nas‘ actually trophies. Additionally, the poster on the wall is a photo of Nas performing at the BET Awards, just days before the music video was filmed.

Lil Nas X, Industry Baby
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As for why Nas chose the setting of a prison, he is quoted as saying: “I wanted to go to a place people would least expect me to go in a music video, an overly masculine place and make it gay asf. I also wanted to visualize the theme of breaking free from the shackles society places on you.”

Breslauer explained the meaning of the music video later in the clip: “The visual is essentially a giant metaphor to represent Nas’ unwillingness to conform to the industry standards or be caged in because of his beliefs. No matter the scenario he will be who he is and no prison is strong enough to contain him.”

Check out the full behind-the-scenes breakdown for “Industry Baby” below.