Lil Keke Reveals Drake Cut Him A Check For Borrowing A Lyric

The Texas rapper says that Drizzy didn’t even sample the track, he just paid him for using one line on “November 18th.”

Once again, rappers are giving insight into how Drake moves behind the scenes, and this story comes straight from Lil Keke. The Texas rapper joined Willie D and Scarface on their Geto Boys Reloaded Podcast for a comprehensive discussion filled with gems, but a brief highlight about Drake was quickly snipped and circulated online.

Keke is a legend in the Southen Rap game, and while speaking of people who question him about the course of his life and career, he mentioned getting a check from Drizzy after the rapper said one bar. “People used to be like, ‘Man, did you—,’ I didn’t miss out on nothin’ that God had for me,” said Keke. 

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“I didn’t miss out on no money,” he added. “Drake came back and paid me for a sample 25 years later and he didn’t even sample nothin’. He just paid me for something that he said. He said, ‘I’m draped up and dripped out.’ Just for him saying, ‘I’m draped up and dripped out,’ he cut me a check and gave me a royalty, just for sayin’ it.”

“He didn’t sample it, he just said it.” Lil Keke was referring to Bun B‘s DJ-Screw-sampled “Draped Up,” a track where Keke was featured on both the original and remix. Drake used the line in “November 18th,” and not many rappers would feel the need to pay respects in such a way.

The hosts went on to say how much they love Drake, adding that the OVO mogul is a “humble cat, too.”

Check it out below.