LeBron James Explains His Connection To Black Lives Matter

LeBron James says Black Lives Matter is much more than just a movement.

Over the last few years, LeBron James has been very vocal when it comes to social issues. One could even make the argument that LeBron is the most high-prile politically engaged athlete in the entire world. Even if you disagree with his politics, there is no denying that he has worked hard to bring equality to all people within the United States America. With the recent protests in the United States, LeBron has continued to be vocal, especially within the Orlando Bubble.

While speaking with ESPN yesterday, James went in-depth on his feelings towards Black Lives Matter and just how important the sentiment is right now. In fact, LeBron likened BLM to a lifestyle as opposed to a movement.

LeBron James Explains His Connection To Black Lives Matter

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“A lot people kind use this analogy, talking about Black Lives Matter as a movement. It’s not a movement,” James said. “When you’re Black, it’s not a movement. It’s a lifestyle. We sit here and say it’s a movement, and, OK, how long is this movement going to last? ‘Don’t stop the movement.’ No, this is a walk life. When you wake up and you’re Black, that is what it is. It shouldn’t be a movement. It should be a lifestyle. This is who we are. …] I don’t like the word ‘movement’ because, unfortunately, in America and in society, there ain’t been no damn movement for us. There ain’t been no movement.”

As the NBA season continues, LeBron will surely continue to fight for what he believes in, alongside many other players.