Kobe Bryant's BodyArmor Investment On Pace To Crush NBA Earnings

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kobe’s 2014 investment is about to reap major reward.

Kobe Bryant has undoubtedly left his mark on basketball and its fans across the globe. Throughout his life and after his passing, Kobe’s assassin-like ‘Mamba Mentality’ influenced a lifestyle and mindset devoted to constant self-improvement in pursuing one’s highest potential. However, Bryant never limited that mentality to strictly basketball, and when the Lakers’ star invested $6 million in the up-and-coming sports drink BodyArmor back in 2014, we now direct evidence of that mentality ‘paying off.’

According to a recent report from clutchpoints.com and Joe Pompliano on Twitter, the 10% share of the company Bryant purchased for $6 million, after seven years, is now estimated to be worth nearly $800 million, almost a 13,233% overall gain. Now, Kobe’s near billion-dollar investment BodyArmor totals more than 2.5x the NBA earnings Bryant accumulated over his prestigious 20-year career with the Lakers.

In the since-deleted tweet, Pompliano reported that Coca-Cola was inching towards a deal that would purchase a ‘controlling stake’ in BodyArmor, estimated at around $8 billion valuation, according to Bloomberg Business News. The deal is yet to be officially confirmed, but as it nears its eventual agreement, it puts Bryant and his family in a position to reap significant rewards for the 2014 investment. 

Image via @clutchpoints.com

Bryant made roughly $16 million a season throughout the course of his 20-year career in the NBA, and though the nearly $320 million total is a substantial amount, his innate ability to self-improve and balance risk and taking chances seem to have truly paid off, as BodyArmor’s popularity and company stake continue to grow exponentially.