Key Glock Ft. Young Dolph “Let’s Go (Remix)

Key Glock reups his “Let’s Go” record with its remix featuring fellow Paper Route Empire and late rapper Young Dolph.

Produced by King Wonka and Hadouken Beats, Glizock opens up the revamped cut with a new verse.

“Hopped up out that Cyber truck, my wrist cost a Lamb’ / I’m tired of buying cars ’til my driveway jam,” he raps before Dolph’s posthumous verse pulls up.

“‘Dolph, why you so rude?’”‘ / Who the fuck is you, bitch? / I been this way since school,” raps Dolph. “Spent a whole milli’ on one set, it’s ocean blue / ‘Dolph why you so up?’ / Nigga, ’cause I paid my dues.”

The original record is lifted from last year’s Glockoma (Deluxe) album.