Kanye West's "Donda" Gets New Release Date…Or Does It?

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Kanye West’s “Donda” has been pushed back once again, but fans aren’t convinced that its new release date will hold.

 Kanye West is developing a reputation as the boy who cried “Wolves,” as his anticipated album Donda has yet to cement a release date.

That’s not to say there weren’t a few false starts along the way. Fans may recall that Kanye’s project was originally slated for July 23rd, with a full-scale listening party event taking place at the Mercedes Benz-Stadium in Atlanta. The date was then shifted to August 6th, with another listening event featuring a far more fleshed-out variation of the album.

Alas, the project never came, prompting some to lose faith. Shortly thereafter, Apple Music indicated that Donda would be released on August 15th, though many refused to hold their breath.

Kanye West

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Now, we’re looking at yet another delay, to the point where it’s getting genuinely difficult to keep track. In a post shared by Akademiks, Donda appears to be locked into an August 22nd release — a Sunday, to be specific. Unfortunately, Kanye West‘s penchant for push-backs has even his ardent supporters shaking their heads. Will this new release date hold? What exactly are the chances? 

For Juicy J, the uncertainty has already proven to be quite lucrative. “I knew It!” he comments, on Ak’s original post. “I made a bet it would be pushed back & won $15k.” One has to wonder who this person betting on Kanye’s reliability was, as there’s a bridge salesman somewhere that’s simply dying to meet them. 

In all seriousness, we can only hope that Kanye’s latest date of August 22nd holds, as what we have heard from Donda is sounding quite promising. In fact, some are already predicting that the project will be his best in years, and many fans are rooting for the hip-hop legend to bounce back with a vengeance. Only time will tell — do you think Kanye’s Donda is coming in August?