Kanye West Selling His YZY GAP Collection For $20 A Pop On His Website

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Source: Yeezy Gap / Gap

While Kanye West’s Yeezy sneakers still remain a hot commodity amongst the sneaker community, his clothing collaboration with the GAP doesn’t seem to enjoy the same popularity as his adidas attire.

Still, Kanye isn’t about to let his YZY GAP collection just sit in a warehouse somewhere and rot, so he decided to restock some of the pieces from the collection on his YEEZY.com website for the low-low price of an Andrew Jackson. That’s right, surprisingly enough, Kanye threw everyone off when he suddenly threw up multiple items from his GAP collabo on his website for $20 a pop and while many of the pieces look, well, basic, you can basically buy an entire wardrobe for the price of a single pair of Yeezy’s.

The move comes just weeks after Ye also dropped the price of his independent “Yeezy Pod” sneakers from $200 to $20 after receiving criticism for the quality and sizing hit the internet. Knowing that he done f*cked up on his latest venture, Ye even refunded $180 to customers who pre-ordered the struggle sneakers.

Now that Kanye West’s name is again bubbling out on these streets as his collaboration album with Ty Dolla $ign, Vultures, continues to remain a hot topic in the Hip-Hop culture, Ye is hoping to bank on the buzz and move whatever product he can at the moment. Whether you support him or canceled him, Kanye still has a loyal following that will gobble up whatever he drops whether it be music, clothing, or conspiracy theories. With that being the case, the man decided to release his GAP collection at a helluva discount and it seems to have been the smart move as sales have spiked from an otherwise mediocre capsule collection (no shots).

Check out some of Kanye’s GAP collection and let us know if you’ll be dropping $20 on anything in the comments section below.