Juicy J Says The Weeknd's Music Will "Heal Us"

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Seems like “Dawn FM” hit the spot for Juicy J.

The Weeknd‘s latest studio album Dawn FM seemed like a message from the Toronto singer that he prioritizes his fans above all else. With guest appearances from Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones and Jim Carrey, The Weeknd put together a stunning experience on Dawn FM.

Prior to the Jan. 7 release, The Weeknd announced the project on New Year’s by posting on Instagram a text message between him and co-founder of his XO label and creative director La Mar Taylor. In the screenshot, The Weeknd explained how he wanted to give music to his fans as soon as possible during a rough stretch for the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic: “Happy new year! Everything feels chaotic again. Music can heal and that feels more important than another album rollout. Let’s just drop the whole thing and enjoy it with the people… XO.”

A week later, the album came, and Abel doubled down on his stance about helping people with his album when a tweet surfaced about how the rushed release may impact his sales: “This doesn’t matter to me. what matters is getting to experience the album together with the fans during these times.”

Via Twitter/@theweeknd

It appears that Three 6 Mafia veteran Juicy J agrees with this sentiment, as he took to Twitter just before the album’s release to assert that Abel’s album would leave a profound impact on the world: “The Weeknd music will heal Us.”

Juicy likely heard the album before all of us did, and knew how potent it was. Juicy is currently in the process of rolling out his own project, a collaborative album with Wiz Khalifa. 

Do you feel the same way about Dawn FM as Juicy J?