Joe Budden Gushes Over Cyn Santana's New Single

Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

Joe Budden’s energy is through the roof as he shows support for his ex-fiancée’s new single “Come.”

Fans of Love & Hip Hop know more than anyone that Joe Budden and Cyn Santana have had a tumultuous relationship in the past. Less than a full calendar year ago, there were accusations being thrown around that Joe had allegedly abused Cyn while they were in a relationship, but it now appears that the formerly engaged artists and co-parents have put whatever issues and misunderstandings behind them and are back to being on great terms.

In a new clip shared to Joe’s Instagram, the rapper-turned-podcaster is seen absolutely losing his mind as he hypes up Cyn Santana’s recently released single “Come.”

“WHY is my King’s Momma out here making heat tho ?!?!,” Joe writes in the caption. “Lol… I know it’s a vibe cuz i don’t even know what they’re saying & its [fire emojis] long as I’m not getting dissed I’m rocking!!! Proud of you @cynsantana & KEEP GOING!!!!”  

While the enthusiastically penned caption already shows how excited he is about Cyn’s new song, Joe’s energy in the actual video is even more infectious. In the teaser for his podcast, Joe can be seen joking about the fact that Cyn is his baby mother and dancing along as the song plays loudly.

“Wait a minute! Who’s baby mom’s caught one in here? Someone say it,” Joe exclaims. “She looks great, the styling is great. Everything about this is great! Y’all wouldn’t even understand this outpouring of pride.”

Check out the music video for Cyn Santana’s bubbling new single “Come” below.