Joe Biden Broadcasts Himself Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images

With his wife Jill Biden by his side, president-elect Joe Biden stood by his word to take the new COVID-19 vaccine on-camera today (12/21) at the Christiana Care hospital campus in Newark, Delaware.

The new COVID-19 vaccine has brought forth a lot of conspiracy and concerns about whether it’s safe to take, even with considering the daunting results that coronavirus has put on the world. The potentially game-changing medicine has gotten approval from a few familiar faces — not too sure about Lupe Fiasco’s recommended remedy, but go off, king! — and president-elect Joe Biden is at the top of that list for those advocating for vaccination.

Joe Biden COVID-19 Vaccine coronavirus
Image: ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images

Getting support from his wife Jill Biden, who stood close by the entire time, Joe got vaccinated on-camera today (December 21) to let the American people and world in general know that the medicine is in fact safe. The procedure was done by Tabe Masa, Nurse Practitioner and Head of Employee Health Services at the Christiana Care hospital campus in Newark, Delaware, and afterwards Biden had a quick word for the millions out there watching. “What I want to say is we owe these folks an awful lot — the scientists and the people who put this together, the front-line workers, the ones who actually did the clinical work. It’s just amazing,” Biden said after his first round of the vaccine. He further added that, “it’s worth saying that this is great hope. I’m doing this to demonstrate that people should be prepared when it’s available to take the vaccine. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Joe and Jill received their first round of the vaccine today and will have another when it’s required. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff are reportedly preparing to be vaccinated next week, although no word on if it will be on-camera like this one.

Watch future prez Joe Biden take the COVID-19 vaccine in the video below posted by NBC News, and let us know down below in the comments if it makes you feel a bit more trusting to get a dose of your own: