Jake Paul Reveals What He Hopes To Do With Tyron Woodley Next

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Jake Paul is always thinking about new content.

Jake Paul fought Tyron Woodley last weekend, and in the end, he came out victorious with a knockout win in the sixth round. It was by far the cleanest knockout of Jake’s entire boxing career, and moving forward, fans are interested to see what he can do against tougher opponents. 

Since the win, Paul has shown respect to Woodley as the former MMA fighter took the fight on just a two week’s notice. Jake felt like that was a true demonstration of will and determination, which ultimately went a long way in cementing the two fighters’ relationship. 

In a recent interview, Paul spoke about what’s next for him and Woodley, and as the former YouTube star explained, he’s already thinking about some content. As far as Jake is concerned, maybe even a blockbuster film could be in the works.

Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley

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“People are saying we should do a podcast together,” Paul said. “I think it would be funny to do a Buddy-Cop movie together. So, our relationship doesn’t end here.”

In terms of Jake’s actual boxing career, he will probably go up against Tommy Fury next. However, he does seem to have interest in going up against some UFC fighters like Nate Diaz, which could be an interesting proposition.

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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

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