Jake Paul Has A Surprising Take On His Rival KSI's Lil Wayne Collab

JC Olivera/Getty Images

KSI isn’t taking Paul’s words at face value.

Jake Paul and KSI have spent quite a bit of time and energy going at each other online. Even Logan Paul and KSI have had their issues. The Jake and KSI online beef has escalated to some disrespectful levels, but it looks like Paul is taking the high road. For now. Paul has named Lil Wayne as one of his favorites of all time, so when KSI grabbed Weezy for a single, of course, he used the moment to troll Paul even more. 

But Paul hit back with an unexpected rely. “Damn… congrats this is actually insane,” he stated.  “You’ve been killing it with your music. You’re showing the world that ‘YouTubers’ can accomplish anything. No hate. Keep it up.” The response threw everyone off, even KSI. “It definitely lowkey burned him but this was the correct response. It was a good response,” KSI said at first before pivoting a bit. 

“’Haha, no hate buddy! It’s so fantastic what you’re doing for YouTubers. Really breaking the barrier.’ Fuck off. Fuck you, Jake. Jake’s just playing the game. Fair play, you know he’s probably bamboozled a lot of you but nah fuck him. I don’t care, man, I don’t care,” KSI added, mocking Paul.

  Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

 Paul is set to take on Tyron Woodley tonight in what is expected to be a brutal fight.