Ime Udoka Ripped Apart By Twitter After Cheating On Nia Long

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Udoka could be suspended by the Celtics for having a relationship with a staff member.

Ime Udoka is the talk of the NBA right now as it was revealed last night that he was facing punishment from the Boston Celtics for breaking their organizational rules. At the time of this report, very few people actually knew what Udoka did. Many were fearing the worst, although as Shams Charania reported, it was actually because he had a sexual relationship with a Celtics staffer.

While the relationship was consensual, it was still very much against the rules of the franchise, which means Udoka will be punished. Of course, Udoka is in a long-term relationship with Nia Long, which has made this story that much bigger.

Udoka is currently being roasted on Twitter as many are deeming his infidelity as insanely poor form. Long is held in high esteem as one of the most gorgeous actresses out there, and with Udoka’s infidelity in mind, he has swiftly become the subject of numerous jokes and memes.

Some of the responses on Twitter have been hilarious, with one fan exclaiming “Cheating on Nia Long is not something a sane man does. Ime Udoka must’ve gotten CTE from coaching Al Horford.” Another fan rightfully pointed out “Ime Udoka fumbled Nia Long and the NBA Finals. I’ve never seen an L worse than this one.”

Udoka will never live this down, and the professional implications make this even worse. Stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates on this developing story.