Hitmaka Talks "Privileged" Upbringing & Not Wanting To Be A Rapper Again

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He also joked about his Verzuz moment that was encouraged by Ray J and a little bit of Casamigos.

He has long ditched the Yung Berg moniker and is now known as the award-winning producer Hitmaka, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning to the mic anytime soon. Although some will never forget those early days of Hitmaka’s career, it was announced last year that he would be spending his time crafting tracks for the industry’s hitmakers as well as acting as Vice President of A&R at Empire. He spoke about his evolution while on the Posted on the Corner Podcast, including his upbringing that differed greatly from other rappers on the scene during his inception in Hip Hop.

“What’s crazy is my parents was already millionaires,” he said. “I came from like, a privileged background,  but like, I wanted to be in the streets and I wanted to be a rapper.”

Hitmaka, King Combs, Christian Combs
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His Rap journey has taken his away from the mic and it seems that Hitmaka is satisfied with his career. When asked if he would be returning to music as a performer, he quickly said, “No, sir.”

“When the Verzuz just passed, like, Ray J kept convincing me, they kept feeding me Casamigos,” he said with a laugh. Hitmaka claimed that he was enjoying his time before he was encouraged to come out on stage to “say hi.” He added, “I’m like, come out and say hi? We might as well do it if I’ma come out on stage. I did it and I’m glad I did it ’cause that Verzuz was—it’s goin’ down in history.”

Elsewhere, Hitmaka talked about working on a record with Lakeyah and detailed what fans could expect from his full-length album where he’ll once again show off his production skills. Check it out below.