Freddie Gibbs & Danny Brown Reunite In Texas For Stand-Up Comedy Show

Jacopo M. Raule/Getty Images, Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Freddie Gibbs brought out Danny Brown at Cokane Comedy: Texas Edition.

Beyond their extraordinary lyrical capabilities, Freddie Gibbs and Danny Brown have proven to be quite the comedic personalities in their own right. Fans have caught glimpses of this through their music, interviews, and social media presence but both have recently extended their humor into stand-up and acting.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images 

Danny Brown’s Danny Housefound him exploring his humor as a host to a slew of hosts like A$AP Rocky and El-P. Meanwhile, Freddie Gibbs has been hosting his Cokane Comedy series which launched in California before recently heading down south to Texas. Over the weekend, Gangsta Gibbs brings the live comedy show to Austin, Texas where he brought Danny out as a special guest. Brown held his own for his second-ever stand-up set while Gibbs’ vulgar humor that got him banned off of Instagram was on full display in front of a live audience.

Both Gibbs and Danny Brown retweeted the high praises they received on Twitter, though, unfortunately for the rest of us, there was no social media allowed to capture its glory.

Danny Brown made his stand-up debut as an opening act for Hannibal Burress last month. 

The two rappers have formed a solid bond on and off wax since the early 2010s. Danny Brown enlisted Gangsta Gibbs for their homage to Outkast on 2013’s “The Return” off of Old while later reciprocating the favor for Pinata‘s “High.”