Fat Joe & Big Pun Were Saved By Mike Tyson Before Being Beat Up By Bouncers

Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

Tyson confirmed the rapper’s story of chasing club bouncers in socks, noting that he was “a different person back then.”

Prepare to see much more of Fat Joe in the weeks to come as we approach the BET Hip Hop Awards. The Bronx icon has been in the Rap game for decades, and soon, he’ll be tackling a new hosting gig as the emcee of the coveted award ceremony. Ahead of the show, Fat Joe stopped by the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast with Angie Martinez by his side, and during the chat, he revisited a memory of Tyson saving him and Big Pun from getting a beat down.

“Pun was like, ‘Yo, twin, just me and you, let’s go to the Tunnel,” Joe recalled, mentioning the popular New York City nightclub. “I said, f*ck it, let’s go to the Tunnel. Now, Pun was really so big that the Tunnel, [it] was so violent that they make you take your boots off.”

“Pun didn’t want to take his boots off because, you know, he’s a big guy,” the rapper continued. “So, he start arguing with this one bouncer. Next thing you know, it’s two bouncers like, ‘Yo, f*ck them, this this that.’ Before you know it, it turns into like, five bouncers, six bouncers. At this point, I grab Pun, I said, ‘You do know, we gonna get f*cked up. They gon’ beat the sh*t out us.’ ‘F*ck them n*ggas!’ So, I go turn, ‘F*ck y’all!’ We talkin’ that sh*t and outta nowhere they’re about to beat us up and you hear a voice.”

“‘Aye yo, Joe! Pun’s right, f*ck these n*ggas!'” Fat Joe said while impersonating Tyson. “I turn around, it’s Iron Mike Tyson!” Joe added that the boxing champion was fitted in all designer gear but was still ready for action. “Mike was chasing them in socks, around the car tryin’ to beat the guy up… The most classic sh*t ever. The guy looked at me, the guy was gon’ beat us up said, ‘Joe, please tell him to stop!'”

“They did not want hands with Iron Mike.” Tyson added that he remembered that moment. “I was a different person back then,” said the sports star.

Check it out below.