Fans Think DaBaby Controversy Was Orchestrated By 50 Cent

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A week after 50 Cent started mentoring DaBaby, the rapper became a villain.

Is it merely a coincidence that a week after 50 Cent took DaBaby under a mentorship role, the Charlotte rapper has embraced his role as rap’s biggest supervillain? People don’t think so.

All week, music fans, artists, and journalists have been following the backlash surrounding DaBaby’s homophobic comments at Rolling Loud. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, the rapper took the stage and shamed his fans living with HIV and AIDS, sharing harmful misinformation and also calling out his gay fans. Every time Baby has tried to “apologize” for his stunt, he’s managed to make the situation even worse for himself. At this point, much of the LGBTQ+ community is effectively finished supporting DaBaby, and well-respected artists like Madonna and Elton John have chastised the rapper with lengthy posts

Considering the timing of his rant, and the fact that he had a music video ready to unload directly referencing the controversy, this seems to have been orchestrated by DaBaby to an extent. But some fans also think that 50 Cent, who has promoted the rapper’s new song on social media, had a hand in this.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“Coincidence that 50 Cent started ‘mentoring’ DaBaby and then his career continues to go straight to hell?” shared one fan on Twitter. 

It’s worth it to note that 50 Cent has had his own glaring problematic moments, attacking his former friend Young Buck online with constant transphobia and homophobia. With all the attention that 50 has gotten for his own anti-LGBTQ+ comments, perhaps he instructed DaBaby that it would be guaranteed publicity to come after that community. 

What do you think? Was 50 Cent involved in creating this controversy?