Elton John Enters Roblox to go ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’

Elton John Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

Photo Credit: Roblox

Elton John is joining Roblox with his own world, ‘Elton John Presents: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road.’

The world was created in partnership with Elton John by Rocket Entertainment and Roblox creators, with support from Universal Music Group. The virtual experience is live inside Roblox now and offers fans a new way to enjoy the musicians’ timeless music, express themselves through his iconic fashion, and explore Elton John’s impact on popular culture in new and creative ways.

The Roblox world allows fans to follow the yellow brick road through an interactive world inspired by Elton John’s life and legacy and discover it through the eyes of the Roblox community, learning what Elton’s unparalleled influence means to them. The experience includes Elton’s iconic digital fashion and photographs of memorable moments, interactive challenges set to his greatest hit songs, daily scavenger hunts, and trivia quizzes.

Designed in collaboration with more than 20 Roblox community creators, the digital fashion collection on virtual display is inspired by Elton’s most celebrated outfits and eyewear. Fans can try on complete outfits or mix-and-match individual items to recreate Elton’s look on their avatar and shop the full collection available to visitors globally.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be launching ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ on Roblox. I’ve seen the joy that Roblox has bought to my boys and the possibility it creates by the ability to interact with fans in such an exciting, and forward looking way has been mind-blowing to me,” says Elton John about the experience.

“I’ve always been myself and used my image, eyewear and music to express myself, and Roblox really encourages self-expression. Now my fans can do the same, and that’s really exciting. At every step of my career, I’ve always wanted to push forward and look to the future, and ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ is the next step on that journey as I prepare to step away from live touring after 50 years on the road. It’s genuinely thrilling, and I can’t wait to see the response from my fans and the Roblox community.”