Dwight Howard Claps Back Over Recent Mask Criticism

Dwight Howard was recently snitched on for not wearing a mask.

Dwight Howard has come under fire over the past few days thanks to his recent actions and words in regard to both masks and vaccines. It all started when Howard was snitched on by an anonymous player for not wearing his mask in the NBA bubble. From there, Howard took to Instagram Live where he spoke about vaccines and how he doesn’t believe in them.

More recently, Howard spoke to Bill Oram The Athletic where he clarified his stance on masks and made sure to note that he is very much opposed to other players snitching on him. In fact, Howard appears quite upset at what happened.

“I do not want people out here lying and people on here trying to say stuff about me because my (Instagram) Lives and stuff that’s going on,” Howard said. “Because I’ve seen some things online about this whole mask situation. I have followed all these rules and I am in my room right now. So when these people are saying that I’m doing stuff and I’m saying stuff on Live, we’re not gonna let it slide. … I wear my mask when I’m supposed to. I do exactly what I’m supposed to when I have to.”

Needless to say, the NBA is taking its protocols extremely seriously and are making sure all the players stay safe.