Dwayne Haskins' Death Receives An Official Ruling

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A medical examiner has been investigating Haskins’ passing.

Dwayne Haskins’ sudden passing back in April hit many NFL fans hard. The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback was beloved by his teammates and many believed he had a real shot at becoming a starter in the league. Unfortunately, the QB was struck on the side of the highway in Florida while searching for some gas for his car. It is an unfathomable tragedy and many have been looking for answers.

Since Haskins’ passing, a medical examiner in Broward County has been looking into the case. On Monday, a report came out with some of the findings where it was revealed that Haskins had high levels of alcohol in his system when he died. He tested at about 0.20 and it was also stated that he had ketamine and norketamine in his system. 

Dwayne Haskins

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With all of that in mind, the medical examiner officially ruled that Haskins’ death was accidental. The cars that struck Haskins did so completely by accident, and it is clear that this was simply a horrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to Haskins’ family during this very difficult time.

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Dwayne Haskins

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