Desiigner Calls EST Gee "Hot Garbage" Over $75K Feature Price

Cassidy Sparrow / Stringer / Getty Images, Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

The “Panda” hitmaker wasn’t happy and added, “Y’all n*ggas ain’t never sell what I sold.”

There are plenty of stories in Hip Hop history of rappers waiving their fees for their peers who ask for features, but this account is not one of them. Louisville’s EST Gee has been demanding attention in recent years as he’s been a rapper on everyone’s radar, so it makes sense that he’s been asked to join forces with other established artists. It looks like Desiigner was one who was hoping to link with Gee, but in a new video, the “Panda” hitmaker blew up over the price of a fee.

“Artists try to charge me $75,000,” said Desiigner. “EST Gee, bro, you’re garbage.”

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“You’s hot garbage. You can’t perform like me, you can’t never make a song like anybody in New York City,” he continued. “You’re trash, bro. You’re trash. You know what you are? Dead ass what I’m doing right now: sh*tting. You feel me? Stop playing with me. For real, for real. Y’all n*ggas ain’t never sell what I sold. That’s on my mother.”

“Y’all little Gold records…keep all them chains on your neck, boy. For real. ‘Cause you a slave to the game.”

After the post was shared, the public swarmed with mixed reactions. Some believed that EST Gee’s fee was too high while others called out Desiigner for bashing an artist he asked to collaborate with while knocking his hustle.

Check out Desiigner‘s post below.