DaniLeigh Shuts Down Haters Saying That She’s Only Showing Her Child On IG To Get Back At DaBaby

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The “Cravin’” rapper reminded us that she can post what she wants on her page.

Just when you think DaniLeigh is done having to deal with the drama sparked by her feud with her baby daddy, DaBaby, the rapper finds herself addressing it all over again. Most recently, the 26-year-old had to air out an Instagram user speculating that she had malicious intent behind the photos she’s been posting as of late.

Dani shared a selection of sweet selfies with she and Baby’s young child, captioned, “my chunky butt.” The mother of one rocked tousled curls and a cropped, sheer white tank top while posing with her little bundle of joy. Over 550,000 people have double tapped the photo dump, with thousands leaving sweet replies in the comment section.

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“Bruhhh. God bless this child yo like wtf. She need a babysitter or what?” one person wrote, marvelling over the adorableness of the little girl. “That’s a cute little baby right there” and “baby got ocean eyes,” others added.

Screenshots nabbed by The Shade Room reveal a comment with completely different energy that earned one follower a swift block from DaniLeigh. “You showing this baby too much because you want [DaBaby] to see the child. [You] doing too much now,” they speculated.

“It’s my page. My child,” the Miami-born recording artist shot back. “I can do what I want. I’ll block you no worries.” In another comment she added, “and I blocked the 15 [people] liking a comment like that but wanna follow me.” 

Other followers were quick to swoop to Dani’s defense, writing things like, “how people going to tell people that they can’t post their child as much as they want. They should see the over 60k photos I have of my kids,” one highly-liked comment reads.

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