Common, Pete Rock “Fortunate”

As Common and Pete Rock prep the release of their The Auditorium, Vol. 1 on Friday (Jul. 12), the pair release one final offering, “Fortunate”.

Over Pete Rock’s soothing soundbed, the Chicago rapper counts his blessings with his prosperous bars.

“I’m fortunate to be alive / Can’t explain how I got here, but we’ve arrived,” he begins. “The deliverance of diligence from which we strive / It’s the feeling, it’s no ceiling, is when we rise / Fortunate to have friends who don’t synthesize / I keep good company, we enterprise / Had a strong gaze since infant eyes.”

“Fortunate” comes on the heels of the duo’s previous releases “All Kinds Of Ideas“, “Dreamin” and “Wise Up”. The Auditorium, Vol. 1 will also feature appearances by Bilal, Jennifer Hudson, Posdnuos, and PJ.