Co-Founder Of FN Meka Company Questions Why Fans Aren't "Mad About" Rap Lyrics "In General"


Factory New co-founder Anthony Martini hits back at critics who were angered over the virtual rapper dropping the n-word and mocking police brutality.

The hype over FN Meka, the artificial intelligence rapper who took the world by storm, has dissipated in recent weeks. After amassing millions of followers online across several platforms and having songs go viral on TikTok, there was a bit of pushback from Hip Hop fans. FN Meka had moments where the AI was accused of making fun of police brutality, and some took issue with the fake rapper dropping the n-word when the creators were not Black.

Capitol Records quickly severed its relationship with FN Meka after signing the AI rapper to a record deal, and in a recent interview, the co-founder of Factory New, Anthony Martini, believes that people should pay more attention to Rap lyrics. Factory New is a “virtual music company” that created FN Meka, and Martini suggests that if people have such issues with Meka’s lyrical content, they should take a look at Rap as a whole.

“If you’re mad about the lyrical content because it supposedly was A.I., why not be mad about the lyrical content in general?” he asked. Although Martini has been careful to keep an arm’s length from the scandal, he has chimed in with statements given to The New York Times as they dissect questions about art’s collision with evolving tech culture.

“I joined the team in early 2020 because I am truly passionate about the future of digital media and felt my background could help fulfill Meka’s potential in the music industry,” said Martini. “It’s become apparent that I should have done more diligence before joining. In the past few days, I’ve learned of Kyle The Hooligan’s experience with Meka which is deeply at odds with my core values. I believe that artists must always be at the center of the creative process and must be compensated fairly.”

“Virtual characters have the potential to be a true equalizer and the next frontier in representation in the arts.”

Kyle The Hooligan came forward after the controversy was underway. He claimed the company “ghosted” him and he hasn’t “made a dime off nothing.”