Chris Brown Announces New Single "Iffy" With Cinematic Trailer

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Chris Brown’s new music video “Iffy” arrives on January 14.

Chris Brown‘s fans should be prepared for a year-long take over from the 32-year-old artist, who has announced a slew of new projects going live in 2022. As he completes work on his upcoming tenth studio album Breezy, Brown is also finishing up his short film of the same name. In addition to his music releases, the Virginia-born singer will also be bringing us plenty of videos and NFTs this year.

Kicking things off on New Year’s Day, Brown started to tease his new music by sharing a video trailer for his upcoming single, “Iffy.” The song and its accompanying video will be released on January 14. The trailer doesn’t necessarily tell the viewer what they can expect sonically but visually, this looks to be another well-thought-out piece from CB, who is one of the greats when it comes to videos. 

The trailer views as somewhat of a heist film with gunfire, fast cars, pretty women, and more popping up in the brief fifteen-second teaser.

Brian Ach/Getty Images

“BREEZY SEASON COMING,” excitedly announced the singer on Instagram. “NEW ERA UNLOCKED.”

From what you see of the “Iffy” trailer, what do you think of Chris Brown‘s upcoming direction for his new video? Stay tuned for the release on January 14, and expect another big year from CB.