Channing Crowder Targets Russell Wilson Again: "He Ain't My Type Of Dude"

“I don’t wanna hang with Russ! ‘Cause he put mousse in his hair and slick it sideways,” said Crowder who previously called Wilson “square” and “lame.”

Once again, Channing Crowder is vocalizing his gripes with Russell Wilson. The former NFL star has had a few viral moments thanks to his comments about the football giant, and regardless of the backlash, Crowder is standing ten toes down on his comments. He previously spoke about Wilson’s relationship with wife Ciara, calling Wilson a “square” before addressing the couple’s marriage. Crowder claimed that the Pop-R&B hitmaker was only with her husband because he had money, and it was a remark that Crowder would later publicly apologize for.

He also previously suggested that a woman couldn’t possibly go from a man like Future to a man like Wilson, leaving many puzzled about why he had such a problem with the Broncos quarterback.

Russell Wilson, Ciara
Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty Images

Wilson was once again a hot topic for Crowder while on The Pivot Podcast. When Wilson became a topic of conversation, the hosts couldn’t help but laugh because of Crowder’s previous statements. It was mentioned that Wilson was respected because he was an approachable “cool guy,” was a team player, and it was added that he likes to play R&B in the locker room.

Crowder said his team wasn’t trying to listen to R&B. “I don’t want to be soothed, I’m trying to go out and fight a big motherf*cker trying to hit me in the head,” he added. Someone added that Wilson’s personality is “cool, calm, collective,” and that the Broncos star is a great leader and motivates his fellow players.

Crowder still wasn’t having it.

“I don’t know, you know I’ve been criticized a lot,” said Crowder. “Called the man lame, called him square… They got on my about that… No I’m not taking it back!… It’s an opinion. I know dudes that I want to hang with, I grew up in Atlanta and I know guys I wanna hang with. I don’t wanna hang with Russ! ‘Cause he put mousse in his hair, he slick it sideways, he ain’t my type of dude.”

Who knows what other reasons Channing Crowder has for disliking Wilson, but he’s sure to share if he has the opportunity. Check it out below.