Cardi B Covers Mysterious Neck Tattoo & People Have Questions

Cardi B covers up an old tattoo the name “Samuel” on her neck but nobody knows who Samuel is.

Some tattoos represent memories. People around the world have been getting inked up to commemorate a specific time in their life — be it a new job, a new love, a special vacation, or anything else — for years. Cardi B felt strongly enough about somebody to get their name tatted on her neck but, now that she’s a superstar rapper with a family, she decided to finally get it covered up.

The multi-platinum star admitted that, during her recent tattoo marathon, she got a piece on her neck covered up. The original script reads “Samuel” but nobody is quite sure about who this mysterious character is. Is he an ex-boyfriend? A family member? Cardi isn’t giving up the deets.

When her fans asked who exactly this cryptic man is, she failed to respond, picking and choosing the tweets she gave attention to. 

While we still do not know Samuel is, we are aware the reason why the tattoo artist didn’t cover the entire piece underneath.

“I wanted to put flowers and vines around it but then I got freaked out cause It’s a big tatt and my back piece already big so I just stop,” she explained in a reply. 

Recently, Cardi B was in the news after she was accused stealing lyrics from a rapper named Dela Wesst. She responded to those claims with a timeline how her tracks “Clout” and the “Thotiana” remix came about.

Who do you think Samuel is?