Bronny James Jr. Gets His First Tattoos

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Bronny James Jr. has begun his tattoo journey.

Bronny James Jr. has become incredibly famous since starting High School at Sierra Canyon in California over the last few years. Bronny currently plays for the varsity team and he will be heading into his senior year. In the eyes of many, Bronny is good enough to play college ball, and there seems to be this feeling that Bronny will eventually make it to the NBA either as a drafted player or simply an undrafted free agent.

No matter what happens, it is clear that Bronny is working hard and taking his craft seriously. A few days ago, Bronny was at the Lakers facility with his father LeBron, and his brother Bryce. While there, the three engaged in a vigorous workout that certainly put all three through their paces. Now, however, it seems as though Bronny is recovering from something else entirely.

Bronny James Jr.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

According to tattoo artist GANGA, Bronny was recently in his studio to get his very first pieces of ink. As you can see in the slide show down below, GANGA gave Bronny some tattoos on both of his wrists, as well as the back of his neck. Bronny seemed to be quite comfortable throughout the process, although he has yet to show off exactly what he got.

“I made the first tattoo for @bronny thank you very much for the trust, @kingjames,” GANGA wrote. “Much love fam.”

Getting your first tattoo is a very personal experience, and we hope Bronny enjoys what he got. After all, it is permanent and the last thing you want is to regret your decision.