Bobby Shmurda Hints At Arrival Of "ShMigo" Project With Migos

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Power 105.1

Bobby Shmurda says a collaborative project with Migos could arrive this summer.

Back in 2019, Quavo hinted at the arrival of the ShMigo Gang collaborative project to be shared between Migos and Bobby Shmurda. At the time, Shmurda was still locked up with his arrival just around the corner. 

“Jus Talked Bobby Shmurda Lil Bro In Great Spirits Bout To Touch Turf Soon!!! SHMIGO ALERT 2020!!!,” Quavo penned then.

Now a free man, Bobby recently sat down with Desus & Mero for an in-depth conversation in which the band of New Yorkers peeled back the onion on several topics. Interestingly enough, however, was Bobby’s quick revelation of the ShMigo project coming to fruition at last, and by his calculations, fans could be seeing the effort arrive as soon as this summer.

“We got all types of different music coming out,” Shmurda said. “We got that Shmurda shit coming out. We got the ShMigos shit coming out. We got so much shit coming out. It’s going to be a lit summer.” 

The full ShMigo Gang mixtape was originally slated for a 2015 release, being put on hold in light of the incarceration of Bobby and Rowdy Rebel. Originally, the project featured Rebel, Rich The Kid, Migo Domingo, and Mango Foo. 

With both parties’ status seeing considerable elevation since then, however, it’s likely that the list of collaborators on ShMigo Gang will expand and that the release will be no small occasion.

Bobby Shmurda returned here on the outside in February of 2021 after serving almost seven years at New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility. His return was marked with fanfare orchestrated by Migos who Bobby has cited as being particularly loyal during his time in prison. 

“This my brother right here, man,” Bobby said of Quavo the day of his release. “He ain’t never switched up yo. The whole six he did. The whole time, man. He ain’t never switched up, you heard? Make sure you know that.”