Bella Delle Is Out With A New EP Feelings

Singer, dancer, and actress Bella Delle recently dropped her new EP Feelings. Its first song “Feelings” has a mesmerizing video clip which portrays Bella playing the piano, doing ballet stretches, and flying into space, all the while exploring her ‘feelings’. Her beautiful alto voice combined with the strength of emotions conveyed make this song an unforgettable lead single for the EP. 

This is what the artist had to say about the title: “When I was feeling happy or sad, or angry, I wanted to express myself through music and songwriting. I believe that it helped me understand myself better and connect my feelings to others.” This in turn makes Bella Delle’s songs relatable for the audience.

Her previous releases include “Shut the Door”, “Don’t Know Me” and more with tens of thousands of views. She also did a cover of “Feeling Good” in her own unique way that was very well-accepted.

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