Azriel Clary Writes Lengthy Tribute To Joycelyn Savage, Shares Private Photos

Azriel Clary shared just how much she misses Joycelyn Savage in a lengthy tribute she

As R. Kelly continues to wait behind bars until his court date arrives, his former “girlfriends” Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage are apparently still no longer speaking with one another. After an explosive physical altercation that occurred months ago left Joycelyn arrested, the two young women have been separated as their views on Kelly have shifted dramatically. It’s reported that Joycelyn remains dedicated to the disgraced icon while Azriel has reconnected with her family and reportedly sees that her relationship with Kelly was unhealthy.

Azriel Clary Writes Lengthy Tribute To Joycelyn Savage, Shares Private Photos
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However, Azriel Clary occasionally shares fond memories her time with Joycelyn Savage, and Thursday (July 23) the aspiring artist resurfaced yet again. This time, Azriel posted photos in celebration Joycelyn’s birthday. “Wow. Your last birthday we spent together. I remember I lied to you & said I was going to talk to the attorneys but really want down to Michigan to get you as many things as I could under 1 hour,” said Azriel.

“I know we had our differences, but in my heart I will always love you, and I know I gave you tough love but I just wanted you to know your worth,” she added. “We went out, dressed up alone & couldn’t even enjoy the night because we felt we were doing something wrong. . sneaky, or disloyal. . you deserve to live your life, not in the shadow someone else’s.”

Azriel continued to speak about how the two young women were “depressed” but they would go out while “someone” was in jail. She claims they felt guilty about being “entirely too loyal to someone who did not deserve it.” Swipe below and read through her messages in full and to view the photos them together during happier times.