Ari Lennox Jokes About The Traumas Of Dating "Struggle Rappers"

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The singer says these days, she’s just looking for someone with a kind heart.

It seems like these days, damn near everyone is a rapper. If you have yet to pick up the mic or don’t desire to, chances are you know of someone who has dreams of making waves in Hip Hop. Ari Lennox has met her fair share of rappers looking for a moment in the spotlight and during her recent trip to The Breakfast Club, the age/sex/location singer cracked jokes with the hosts about the terrors of dating up-and-comers.

Charlamagne The God questioned Lennox about “secret rappers,” or those that don’t outright tell someone they’re dating that their occupation is an aspiring musician. He wanted to know which “struggle rapper” traumatized her. “Oh, there’s so many,” she answered. Someone added, “People we’ll never hear of,” and amid laughter, she agreed.

Ari Lenno
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“Like, they just won’t say it ’til like, you like them. And it’s just like, ‘Well, I’m ’bout to go to the studio.’ What?! Why?! What studio?” the singer said. Angela Yee asked if her suitors act as if they don’t know who she is when they express interest. “Yeah. I’ve been—they’ll never admit it, but I’ve definitely been in a relationship where he acted like I was not who I am at all. Yeah.”

“And I was trying to feel appreciated and it was…he kept trying to say that it was ego, you know? It’s not all about you, type thing. But really, I just felt like he always kinda diminished everything about me. Kinda pretended like the singing part didn’t exist.”

Things took a hilarious turn after Charlamagne chimed in once again, but after the laughter dissipated, Lennox said all she wants in a partner is someone who is kind.

Check out the clip below.

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