Ari Fletcher Gets Love From Cuban Doll While Being Checked By Video Vixen Apple Watts

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Everyone has an opinion about what Ari Fletcher had to say on the “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast.

Earlier today, Ari Fletcher began causing a stir online when word of her Don’t Call Me White Girl podcast episode got out. During the interview, the 26-year-old opened up about her relationship with Moneybagg Yo, and how it’s healthier than anything she’s ever been in.

While chatting with her friend, the mother of one admitted that she’s been the toxic person in her previous relationships, revealing that she even used to enjoy having men pull their guns out when she would dramatically cause a fight and threaten to leave.

“Like, pull your gun out and show me like, ‘bitch leave. I wish you would walk out the door,’” she told the podcast host when explaining toxic scenarios she used to enjoy. The controversial comments have been getting plenty of attention online and even earned Fletcher a video from Apple Watts, who had plenty to say.

“Ari, like, you’re beautiful, but bitch! Humble yourself,” the Love & Hip Hop: Miami star told Fletcher in an Instagram video. “‘Nobody cares, nobody cares.’ I’m with the gangster shit, right? I’m like yeah, that turn me on. Choke me. But I’m the bitch to choke a n*gga, I’m the bitch to pull the burner out, but baby girl! Why you gotta be so stuck up?”

Apple continued her rant, “you’re like a tampon, so stuck up. We get it! You got money. We get it. But you ain’t gotta be an asshole to bitches who got beat up by n*ggas. Bitch, you ain’t got beat up before or something! Because you need to humble yourself. A bitch with money. This how you know project bitches get money.”

She didn’t relent when coming down on Ari, adding, “you get too happy bitch. You need a bitch to humble yourself,” wagging her finger at the camera while speaking passionately. “You talk too much on the internet, and then you wanna downgrade bitches that got beat up by n*ggas in domestic violence.”

Apple concluded, “humble your weird-ass self, bitch. You got a little money and you got a little d*ck, and now you’re talking too much. Relax your breath, bitch, cuz I ain’t one of them hoes.”

The clip has been making rounds on social media, with the internet seemingly divided on how they feel about the reality star’s rant. Cuban Doll took to Twitter to defend Ari, writing, “leave Ari alone, she a strong Black mother! Y’all swear y’all support the Black community but try to downplay every situation like y’all are perfect!”

Others chose to attack Apple for her opinion, reportedly telling her that “she needs clout.” The video vixen hopped on Instagram Live to shut down the haters. Check out what she had to say below.