Adrian Wojnarowski’s ESPN Suspension Receives Update

Adrian Wojnarowski was suspended about two weeks ago for his e-mail to a Missouri senator.

While it feels like forever ago now, many you will remember how Adrian Wojnarowski ESPN was suspended by the network for his obscene e-mail to Missouri Senator, Josh Hawley. Hawley was criticizing the NBA for its take on Black Lives Matter, to which Woj replied “Fuck You.” ESPN was appalled by the conduct their NBA insider, and we haven’t heard from him since. Well, that is about to change as according to The Athletic, Woj’s suspension is over and he’s finally coming back.

Yes, that’s right, today marks Woj’s return to Twitter and his foray into the NBA bubble. Wojnarowski will be inside the Orlando bubble where he will be able to bring all the latest updates and insight. Woj has proven to be one the best in the business at getting inside information, and his voice will surely be treasured within the bubble. 

Just a couple weeks ago, #FreeWoj was trending on Twitter as many felt his suspension was unjust. Even some prominent NBA players were tweeting the hashtag, including LeBron James. This response just goes to show how important Woj truly is, and we’re very glad to finally have him back.