50 Cent Responds To Kanye West’s Rant With Dave Chappelle Meme

Following another fresh batch tweets, 50 Cent wasted little time in throwing together a new meme at Kanye West’s expense.

50 Cent has never been one to sit down and fer a shoulder to cry on. In truth, is that what anybody wants to see? Fif has long occupied the role hip-hop’s most ruthless antihero; sure, his tactics can be questionable at times — but damned if his charisma doesn’t make us all collectively turn a blind eye. But what he lacks in empathy, he makes up twold: creativity and a wicked hand at MS Paint. 

50 Cent Responds To Kanye West's Rant With Dave Chappelle Meme

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Some might speculate that Fif isn’t one to forget a grudge, and the legendary Curtis Vs. Graduation duel 2008 never quite dulled in his mind. A fair theory, and perhaps not entirely baseless. After all, why else would Fif be going for Kanye West‘s jugular so mercilessly, even while Yeezy appears to be imploding without any outside assistance?

Today, 50 took to Instagram to hit Kanye with another meme, this one calling back to the comically awkward clip from yesterday. The clip in which Kanye West playfully demanded that Dave Chappelle make him laugh, prompting Chappelle to react in the same manner anybody would react in upon being asked to perform on the spot. Timing sharp as ever, 50 quickly implemented Dave into his next meme, poking even more fun at Kanye’s most recent rants — the one in which he openly spoke divorce, labeled Kris Jenner “Kris Jong Un,” and invoked Lil Baby for no discernible reason. Behold the antics below.