Young Dolph's Partner Mia Jaye Speaks: "Such A Genuine, Golden Heart"

Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

During the unveiling of “Adolph ‘Young Dolph’ Thornton Jr. Avenue,” Mia spoke about first meeting the rapper and how he was as a doting father.

Ahead of the public memorial for Young Dolph, the city of Memphis honored him with his own street sign. Last month, the Paper Route Empire mogul was gunned down in his hometown while shopping at a local bakery. Police continue to search for the perpetrators involved and tomorrow, thousands will join together at the FedExForum in Memphis for Dolph’s Celebration of Life Event.

Dolph’s loved ones, including his longtime partner Mia Jaye, gathered for the revealing of “Adolph ‘Young Dolph‘ Thornton Jr. Avenue” and during the tribute, Mia spoke about his legacy.

“I’m here with my children,” Mia said in a clip of the event shared by TMZ. She added that she had a few points written down on a notecard but instead referenced a relative, an aunt, who also spoke at the event. “She illustrated Adolph’s character better. I can’t even do it any better, ’cause everything that she said was spot on. He was a man after God’s own heart. I often would call him and tell him he had a heart of David. He was just such a giver, had such a genuine, golden heart.”

“I can remember when we first got together and he was so busy,” Mia recalled. “But I would always say, ‘I’mma stick around though because he has such a great heart… I could tell he was trying to be helpful and do something for the betterment of his family. I had that intuition and it followed, and it was true.”

Mia went on to detail how encouraging Dolph was with his children as the rapper molded their self-esteem, telling them to be proud of who they are and where they come from. Watch Mia Jaye speak about Young Dolph below.